ok so me and my boyfriend have recently had sex for the first time on december 20th or so. anyways since then whenever we’re together we have sex a lot! and when i say a lot i mean like at least 5 times. it’s ridiculous. i’m not complaining because it’s great yes, but i’m wondering if it’s bad. we don’t use condoms but he never cums in me. also, sometimes when we have sex i feel a burning and it feels like swollen i don’t know. but, my vagina has only recently started to burn. i don’t know if it’s all burning but it burns and itches. today i was walking down the hall and it hurt so bad. there is a smell as well and i’m having discharge more than usual. i’m just wondering if someone knows what it could be cause i’m starting to get concerned and don’t know what to do. it hurts pretty bad. so PLEASE if anyone could help me out that’d be great.