So idk what to do


So me and my husband have decided to divorce. Not a bad thing, but I have a feeling I’m pregnant and my period is late. We already have two kids together and I honestly really do not want a third one with him or even a third child period right now. I asked him if it came down to it if he’d let me put it up for adoption he said no. But yet he keeps making stupid comments to the kids like “hit mommy in the tummy” when we play fight with them. They are 2 and 5 so they don’t understand but still you would rather me miscarry than to give a family who can’t have kids a child?(I wanted to do surrogacy but can’t cause of weight) idk what to do. I’m supposed to be moving in between March and May I can’t hide a pregnancy from him that long since if I was I wouldn’t want him to know so I can put the baby in a more loving home. He barely helps me raise the two we have now. I literally do everything and all he does is pay for things needed, that is literally all he does, so why would I have a 3rd with him.