Just want to say how blessed I am, my baby girl was not due till the 24th but due to growth restriction, gestational diabetes and a bp of 140/100 my drs decided to deliver me on the 4th. My daughter has been one stubborn little girl from switching positions day to day and even during delivery, drs could see she was feet first and as soon as they broke my bag she flipped and came head first. Drs also learned why she wasnt growinng well and that is because she had a knot in her cord. Drs then were just worried about her keeping her body temp normal and her sugar levels down and Im happy to say that my daughter passed everything. Shes also maintained a decent weight that drs were happy with and today they discharged us both. Its nice to finally be at home along with the rest of the family, her brother and sister have been enjoying the time with her also.