Hi ladies

So, I’ve been TTC #1 for ages, so I’m not symptom spotting... super over doing that. I have a hella irregular cycle, but I pay attention to my body so I know what’s ‘normal irregular’ and just ‘irregular irregular’

Lol anyone else with me??.. maybe/probably not..

Anyway I’ve been having lots of cramping in my entire low abdomen area. Super low, super dull and like hip to hip or secluded to one side randomly, never just centre though. It’s always kind of dull, but if I flex to get up fro laying down, couch or sneeze it sharpens to be pretty painful. Anyone know what could be going on? Anyone get this as an early pregnancy symptom or experience this during ovulation? It’s definitely not AF/PMS, that’s all I know 100%

Any sharing helps!!