How to help a friend who is coming down off methamphetamine?

I know this is probably wildly inappropriate and not at all what you'd expect to find on a <a href="">pregnancy app</a>.

A friend of mine since childhood just showed up at my house out of the blue. I haven't seen him in months. He looks terrible he's on my couch right now and I think he's coming down off of meth. He said he needs a safe place to sleep tonight my husband and I agreed he could sleep on the couch for tonight.

He's shivering 、talking to himself、 breathing hard... I'm worried. I dont want to put him out tonight its SO cold outside here. How can I help him? I brought him food and he ate it、 so I know he isnt currently high on meth. He also has slept a little bit but wakes up and shivers and mumbles crazy stuff and he fell off the couch thinking he was in the car. I think he's coming down because I experienced watching my uncle come down off it when I was little.

What can I do to ease my friend's pain? I dont want him to use again just to ease discomfort which from looking at this I see why it's so hard for people to quit.

If you have ever been through this please tell me how to help him. I am one of the least judgemental people you'll ever meet and I only want the best for my friend.