Hair Color Mistake 😫 HELP!

KÁLA • ✝️🙏Jesus is love 👣💙 March ‘19 Baby Boy 🍼🧸

So many many many years ago I made the dumb mistake of permanently coloring my hair Auburn. Well, it looked great for like... 3 weeks till the sun started to bleach the color and my hair began to turn light red, then orange/pink! Looked awful!!! It took me about 6 months to grow it out long enough to cut all of the colored hair off. I was desperate to start fresh. So I was rocking a short curly fro for several months lol.

Well my smart self described that it’s been long enough to try something new with my hair again. But this time, I thought I was being the wiser and used semi permanent color. New color black! I loved the color so much I used the temporary dye several time in a row... well now it’s stuck! I’ve washed and washed and washed my hair but I can’t get all of the color out. Now my hair is this dark brown. HELP!!! Any recommendations?!? I really want my natural color again without having to do the big chop again.

Above: Natural color- golden brown & honey blonde mix

Above: Colored Hair- Black now faded dark brown