Anovulatory cycles?

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Has anybody dealt with anovulatory cycles and been prescribed clomid? I have recently been doing some fertility testing seeing as though my husband and I have been ttc for 17 months.. I had a HGS and it was good, so my tubes aren’t blocked. But since my periods are 16-20 DAYS LONG my doc thinks I’m not ovulating like I should be.. she wants me to use OPK’s during my “fertile week” and once I get a positive go go get my blood drawn for progesterone. and then go from there. Has anyone been put on clomid and has a good/ bad experience to share? I just wanna be pregnant already. This waiting game is no fun. But I know it’ll be worth it when we finally get that BFP 🙌🏼 IM NOT LOSING HOPE, I WILL GET PREGNANT. ❤️