Is he just not interested?

I’ve been talking to a guy and we hung out Saturday night, he had to leave due to a family emergency and said he felt bad that he was leaving and asked what I was doing for Sunday and asked if he could possibly stop by again. He also said he’d text me when he got to where he was going. He didn’t end up texting me so I text him this “hey just checking on you and seeing if things are okay let me know if you need anything”. He took over 9 hours to respond to that saying that everything was good and thanked me for checking on him. I text again yesterday and he said things weren’t bad but not okay. I text him again this morning saying good morning and said I hoped his day went better today and he has yet to open the message and say anything. I really like him and feel like he likes me too but this confuses me. I am at peace with everything and feel like he will respond back and I understand that he has family stuff going on but it still makes me feel as if he’s not really interested. And I don’t mean to seem selfish either, we had sex and I was just hoping that it wasn’t that he used me for that. I wanted it to be different this time.