11 weeks Blood Pressure Concerns

Hello everyone! I am 25 years old, and currently 11w+2d with my first pregnancy. I had a prenatal visit a few days ago. At the time, I was 10w+5d. At my visit, my BP was at 136/72. My doctor, and the nurse, didn’t seem too concerned. The nurse even went as far as to say “Looks great!” when she took my BP. The doctor said he’s not worried about it, but we’ll “keep an eye on it” in the future. I was very nervous at the appointment, cause I had convinced myself I would get bad news, and I was alone. I got to hear the heartbeat, a “strong 172”, and the doctor said everything looked great. At my first prenatal “confirmation ultrasound “ at 7w+1d, my BP was 120/84, which everyone said was “fantastic”. My blood pressure has always kind of fluctuated with my weight and my stress level, but never getting over, or even to, 140/90 in the past. It usually stays around 120/80-ish. I’m concerned, because I don’t want it to keep going up and put my baby or myself at a greater risk for harm. Does anyone have any ideas that worked for them to bring it down safely? As my energy levels have been going back up, I’m reintroducing exercise into my day (I was exercising before pregnancy, but as I got fatigued, I pretty much stopped), and I am cutting back on salt. I drink a lot of water daily already (at least two liters, even when I wasn’t pregnant), so any ideas are welcome.

Sorry for rambling and for the long post, but I have been obsessing about this for the past few days, and my family is sick of hearing about my anxieties. I have had a lot of anxiety with this pregnancy, and have been terrified that something would go wrong. I have terrible health anxiety, even when I’m not pregnant, so I often find myself on Dr. Google, and that makes it worse, of course. So I figured I would pick the brains of some people who are actually pregnant, to see if I can’t ease some of this anxiety.