Would this bother you?


I found out last week that my baby girl has a cardiac arrhythmia. Her heart is skipping beats, and quite often. I’m going to be having an ultrasound at a specialist next week to determine the cause and any concerns related to it. Anyway I went home and listened on my home doppler (which I hadn’t used in a long time) and recorded it on my phone. When I let my best friend listen, she told me it sounded like the baby just kept moving away from the doppler and coming back. And when we told my mother in law, she said that it was probably just something wrong with the monitors at the doctors office. We heard it on the doppler at my appointment, went for an NST for 30 minutes and heard it the entire time, then I have heard it several times on my home doppler.

It just really upsets me that people are trying to act like this doesn’t exist. I am scared and the people I love are acting like there’s nothing even wrong. I know they’re probably trying to be comforting but it just feels like I have no support.