I posted on here couple weeks back now a positive test ... I was so excited and happy and was going to test the next morning and tell my hubby about it well every test I’ve taken since then has been negative, yet I still have some symptoms... my breasts still are sensitive , I’m bloating like crazy and having cramps nothing severe tho ... I’ve already checked for ovulation and that’s negative I feel like I’m going crazy, I thought maybe it was the hook effect so I tried testing with diluted urine ... still nothing. I don’t have any health insurance so the only thing I could do is go to a health clinic and have them test me. I have also started to think it was a false positive I used a dollar tree brand the line came up within the time frame. Any advice on what I should do ? I know my friend had the same thing happen to her she found out she was pregnant at the ER it took 4 weeks for her to get a positive home test.