Please help

My little brother is very sick and i have a feeling he needs to go to the hospital. He is burning up and shivering. Our house is pretty chill but he feels likes hes on fire. He always is covering up with a blanket but right now he wont. Hes been laying on the couch all day and hes breathing funny. He hasnt ate all day either he cant stay awake too. Hes 3 and Im 14. I obviously cant drive. My moms husband is home but he wouldn't even answer me about food hes not going to take a 45min drive to our dr. My mom is about to be off work but i dont know if shes got errands to run after. Does it sound like i need to call her to come home right away?

Update: thank you! He has the flu and they gave him some medicine. I hope he feels better. I take care of him on a daily basis and its weird seeing him just laying down and not spilling legos everywhere. Hopefully hell he back to normal soon.