Stage 1 baby foods


We are slowly making our way through baby foods and checking for allergies as we go.

So far we’ve had

Sweet potato


Green beans




I found pears, apples, bananas, butternut squash, winter squash and peaches, but I can’t find any other single foods. Such as blueberry, spinach, kale, blackberry or raspberry. Even though stage 2 has these in blends.

I’m just wondering if anyone else has had any luck finding any of these or if you have started on blended foods yet?

I found a banana blueberry. So I thought maybe I could save that for later and if there’s no reaction when we try bananas we could try that one.

I was also wondering how much you’re feeding your LO? Are you slowly increasing the amount or times a day?

As of now we do twice a day - morning and evening and approx 1-1.7 tbsp of food. Everything else is still breastmilk.

Just curious what everyone else who has already started to introduce food is doing.