Big baby anxiety πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Okay so I’m a FTM and have zero clue on pretty much everything when it comes to pregnancy! I’ve always been a little on the chunky side πŸ™„ however despite this I started showing quite early and people said that was quite uncommon for a first pregnancy and a already chunky person, so my question before I ramble about nothing...the first time I got my belly measured she was perfectly on the growth chart line, every other time I’ve been measured she’s been a mile off it and is getting further and further away from it as the weeks go on and everyone tells me I’m going to have a big baby, now my husband is quite a large fella both height and build so I’m not really expecting this tiny little dot however I’m so nervous about how big this little one is going to be and since I’m only 5’1 myself I’ve got horrific anxiety about this child coming out like 10lb and splitting me in two 😭 they also won’t give me a growth scan to check as they only do this if she’s measuring small...

Any advice or anyone gone through this and had a positive outcome would be great to hear πŸ˜‚