Closure between ex and I? Really need some advice

So its been a year since my ex and I broke up and a few days go we texted for the first time in awhile. To keep this post short, basically there was a lack of communication between us regarding our feelings on why the relationship ended. We broke up over text (Ik childish) and never really spoke about it again. Now we realized that there’s no closure and there’s unresolved and unanswered questions. In the end, he asked that we meet in person to talk about this and he wants to put some closure. I’m conflicted because idk if I should even talk about this with him after a year already or if it will be a positive thing.

One more thing that I mentioned to him is that I went on a date but that I couldn’t go any further with the guy because I still had feelings for him. Earlier in the convo he said “i thought you were over it too” which made me assume that he’s over the breakup, yet he replied to my text about the date with “you’re not considering my feelings.” I don’t get why he would say he’s over it but still is bothered by me saying I went on a date.