This TWW is killing me!

Brittney • Mama of 2 girls with baby number 3 on the way (hoping for a boy!!)

I am 11 dpo today. AF is due in 3 days. I tested yesterday at 10 dpo with a BFN.

At 5 dpo I started having headaches. 7 dpo was the worst headache ever, almost a migraine. I’m still having headaches today, they’ve gotten better but have pretty much been a dull headache on and off.

9 dpo I started feeling slightly nauseous which has continued to today.

Cramping and tightness started yesterday at 10 dpo. Aaaand slightly constipated.

Tender breast started this morning.

And last night I had a super real dream about the most random things.

I’ve only had 1 cycle between my miscarriage and now. Trying not to symptom spot, buuuut sometimes I can’t control it. Especially since a lot of this is what I was feeling when I found out I was pregnant last time. Lol.

Keeping my fingers crossed that AF doesn’t show. Send me your baby dust! I’m resisting another test until Thursday, but it’s so hard!!!