Am I totally crazy?


Y'ALL. So with my son I was sick my entire pregnancy. I got it under pretty good control by about 16 weeks, learned how to manage and minimize it. Never threw up much, just nauseated morning noon and night. Was hoping for an easier experience with #2, but so far no luck. Still early though. Waiting for things to ease up and can't wait. Still haven't been throwing up much, just feel bad all the time. Then this morning I feel ok. Got some sleep last night. Had a good breakfast and was trying to clean up some, vacuuming, everything's fine and boom! Ran to the toilet, lost my whole breakfast. Out of nowhere. Not the norm for me. Now the crazy part, maybe. My husband is out of town for work. That leaves just mean and my one year old home alone for the week. Again. He had to do this two weeks ago too. And last week and next week he worked so much when he was on for four days that we hardly saw him. We live several states away from the place I think of as home, where I have a support system. So little man and I are planning to go for a visit tomorrow and stay for a week while Dad's away. A 9 hours driving trip with a still-nursing, one nap a day one year old while being in the yuckiest part of pregnancy was already pretty daunting. Now, vomiting without warning like that, I'm a little more nervous that I'll be the one in control of the car and sometimes not able to pull over at a whim to be sick if need be. Am I crazy to do this? I know it will be hard, but is it just plain nuts and not doable? I so miss being "home" and could use a break from being so alone here, especially without my husband.