Should i just test???? TMI


Ok so not sure were im supposed to post but im now 8 days late for af i have not tested yet as im scared its gonna be negative ive been trying for 8yrs nd i hope this is it anyway so ive been taught how to check my cervix bd i know thats not away to indicate a pregnancy but likeva week ago my cervix felt low nd closed well as of last night my cervix is now high nd opened nd still no period I've had some symptoms but not sure if they r period related ive had nausea no vomitting ive gad head aches ive felt dizzy sometimes period like cramps i had pelvic pain 10 days before my missed period my boobs r tingly but not sore my bf can play with them nd they dnt hurt sorry tmi well like 3 days after my missed peruod i started feeling wet down there like i started but nothing so like 15 minutes ago i thought i started nd went to the bathroom to find this what does this mean should i just suck it up nd test