Give an honest opinion here.. *Update


Thought I started my period, just a super light one. Went to the RE to start new cycle of meds and got a faint positive test there. I probably bled for a week or so, lightly and no clots or cramps. Started progesterone and tracking hcg.

1/3 36

1/5 51

1/7 86

1/9 173

1/11 378

1/13 777

I have an ultrasound in 3 days. These numbers seems really low to me! And they weren’t completely doubling the first few days. I’m just beside myself with worry. A blighted ovum? A likely mc to come?? 😭

*Update - Hey I just wanted to update here. I’m currently 12 weeks with a healthy baby girl! I just hate searching for answers and never seeing an update! 😊