Annoyed x3


I’m convinced I won’t be find out the gender of my baby until birth 🙄. I’ll be 20w 3d by the time of my next appointment which is Wednesday and it’s just a checkup. I keep having these check ups which are so pointless to me and really a waste of time.

I could’ve found out gender earlier at 18w while at a hospital but the annoying ultrasound tech said she wouldn’t tell me because “it wouldn’t be fair to the father” and they are the ones who wouldn’t allow him back there.

I’m like half way through my pregnancy, this is getting so annoying. Literally everyone else knows what they’re having and I’m just waiting for who knows what?! People keep asking and I will be saying “I don’t know forever”. Ugh I want to name my child and we all want to start buying stuff 😡