Sex with an ex? Good or bad?

Sooo I have been with my ex for almost a year. So close to our anniversary and he broke up with me. After that i realized its going to be hard for me to open up again like I did with him. So I decided in college I’d just find a friends with benefits. even finding a FWB is hard as hell. Guys like to lie and cheat. One of the guys I was talking to didn’t tell me he had a girlfriend until after we sexted each other and he kept trying to sext me 3 times after that. So, with that being said. I got desperate for sex, and I asked my ex to come over to talk. we had sex. we thought since we already knew each other why not just be fwb until we find someone else. Guys have been coming to me but I know if I don’t have sex I get a little frustrated. I don’t want them to think I’m so hoe from across the way. But I don’t want my ex to think of me as a place to get his fix. Even though that’s what I think of him rn. So should I just keep sleeping with my ex or?? Because I’m so confused. A child is in need of help.