Am I over reacting?

So this morning I was laying in bed and my boyfriend came upstairs from smoking. Well he laid at the end of the bed watching a video on YouTube. (Which he does all the time) well we were laying there for about 15 mins and he hadn't said anything to me yet so I was just tryna mess with him and joke about him rubbing my feet since he was down there.. well why I was in the idle of talking he turns the video up and says with an attitude... " I'm trying to watch this video.. so of course either instantly got pissed. He says I'm over reacting because he was trying to watch a video. And I said it's not that you were watching a video it's that you turned it up while I was trying to talk to you don't you think that's kind of rude?.. and then I left and went to get some breakfast with my friend just to cool off a little and get out of the house.. well we are drill fighting because is till ha e a attitude about it... do you think I'm over reacting? Maybe it's my pregnancy hormones?

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