Welcome bags! (please read first)

Courtney • fiancé 9/2014💍 Boy Mom 8/2020💙

Me and my fiancé are getting married in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic next year and we’re getting gift bags to welcome our guests. We’re just stuck on how many to get as the more you get the crazy expensive it gets. Plus already spending a hefty amount on having the wedding we’re trying to keep other cost down but not cheap out either. So if you were a guest and you walked into your room and saw 1 welcome bag (pictured below) for 2 people or maybe even 3 would you feel that you should’ve gotten your own? As far as the snacks we would put in there we would make sure there’s enough but it would only be like 1 hangover kit, 1 small bottle of champagne, and a few other things. So the snacks are really the only thing shareable.

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