Super-gory excessive bleeding - menopause?

I’m 43 and I have been having one of the goriest periods of my fertile life. There’s no pain or cramps but this is bright red blood and an excessive amount. I’m bleeding through super tampons ever hour. Seriously, in three days alone I’ve wrecked four underwear and I’m changing the ‘pon about every 40-60 minutes. This is Day 3. Is this heavy blood and giant blood clots normal for starting menopause?

Am I miscarrying ? Or, hæmorrhaging ?

I would think I’d have cramps at least if anything dangerous was occurring.

The cramps are relatively non existent this month. I do have a history of prior DxS of both adenometriosis and endrometrisos.

The past fifteen years my periods have slowed down, gotten shorter, darker more regular but this one was late coming on day 33 and started light at 1:30 pm and was a rager by 11:00pm and hadn’t stopped since and it’s now day 3 + 3hours.

I don’t wanna describe it in further detail but I’ll simply state that I’ve never had a horror scene in my pants like this before.


Certainly, I’ll keep an eye on it and if anything weirder occurs or pain begins I’ll head off to urgent care or ED. I don’t have insurance so a trip to ER or Dr is only if I’m gonna die. If it’s cancer I’ll find out next month when I go for my annual. But I’d think pain would accompany the blood. I may be wrong.

So, any advice for the gory or the newly menopausal ? Or, whatever the heck I am