Relationship issues..

Me and my boyfriend will be together for 7 years come February.

The last 2 months have been very hard on me. I’ve found out some things that I’m not very fond of and I don’t know how to handle or how to deal with them.

He’s told me he’s developed an interest in two other girls. One he’s never met, & another he remembered from high school but completely forgot about her until he saw her on his “Suggested Friends” list in Facebook.

He went on the one from high school and saw she had the same interests as him, & developed an “interest” in her to the point of him almost wanting to message her and say “hey”. But he never did because he knew it would be wrong of him and there’s no point considering he is with me?

But, not to get TMI, there was a time I wasn’t in the mood for sex, or oral, so a hand job was the easiest thing to do for him. I wasn’t really into the hand job because to begin with I wasn’t really into doing anything intimate at the moment. Turns out he thought of the girl from high school, to get it done with. If you get what I mean.

I don’t know, my heart is extremely hurting over the fact that he thought about being with other woman, other than me... & also he said that they peaked his interest because of their weight, i am wide boned and have a little more meat to me than they do, & that’s not as attractive to him as how skinny they were...

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I’m hurt and can feel like I can no longer trust him.