Anyone had an awful birth and pp experience or just me😣


Not trying to scare anyone but my birthing and pp experience were awful. It’s 1% chance for uterine rupture and that happened to me so I had an emergency c section.

I’m day 4 of pp and in the worst pain of my

Life. The colace hasn’t worked as I’ve been severely constipated I gave birth to a poop last night after I took laxatives. It literally was full blown labor trying to poop. I’m scared to eat and be normal. I’m on ridiculous pain meds which caused the constipation so I stopped those yesterday and I can barely walk or move it’s so painful. My stomach and back hurt, I’m weak, shaking, and feel like I’ve been hit by a bus. On top of it all I’m breastfeeding and I must’ve been so high on drugs in the hospital that I didn’t notice my baby chomping on my nipples making them both bleed😣😔

I’m ready for these days to go by but on the bright side my baby is healthy and I am alive.