What would you guys do?


so had an ultrasound on January 8th.. just saw a gestational sac nothing else .. doctor said I might be early he took my blood, HCG levels were at 10,580.. they took more blood on Thursday the 10th so they can see if my numbers doubled. They told me they would call back on Friday with the results. Well after waiting most of the day Friday I called them at 2:00 and they said the results aren’t in yet I have to wait until Monday. So I called this morning at 11:30.. they said “results are in just waiting for the doctor to review them they WILL call you back later on today and let you know” well at 4:00 I called because I haven’t heard from them. They said “I’ll tell the doctor to call you it looks like he went over them but never called he leaves at 5:00 we’ll get back to you” WELL 5:00 ROLLS AROUND AND NO CALL. so I called them back and this lady says “oh sorry the doctor left at 4:00 today but it looks like he did review them and left a message for you but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for a call” so now I’m freaking frustrated and have been stressed out to the max. would you guys just wait? I know it’s just “one more day” but i just want some peace of mind.. Or should I go to the hospital and just ask for an ultrasound and get my blood drawn by them and see what the levels are. I had a miscarriage back in October and I told my doctor this and he knows how worried I was when I saw the empty sac last week.. you would think he would call back, I know they get really busy but come on.. I already called several times.