We are done


My husband and I decided if I’m not pregnant this month we are done trying.

And not like whatever happens happens done trying. Like he is not allowed to touch me or look at me during my fertile week.

We have one daughter and we fight all the time since she was born. He says he wants things to go back to normal and having another baby is just going to make us fight more. I’ll admit I’m super stressed out taking care of our baby and I’m not my carefree self.

He also puts so much pressure on himself and I don’t think another baby fits into his plan for our family.

Idk I agreed with him while we talked about it but now that I’m typing it he sounds so selfish. He blames me being stressed out but he won’t just come out and say he doesn’t want any more kids. He uses me as the excuse, “you’re stressed with one”, “you’re grumpy”, “you keep changing your mind”. I keep changing my mind because I can tell he doesn’t want another one. I would never force someone to have another one. I think I’m just annoyed with him. Not looking for advice just ranting. Thanks for reading lol