Sort of depressed.


I didn't know where to post this but i'm hoping for some insight

I think it may just be mild postpartum depression but since having my second, I'm stressed out all the time. My toddler is a wild man and the baby is clingy. Which is fine, it's normal. I guess i'm feeling resentful towards my husband cuz he's not really a big help. Sometimes I feel like i'm doing it alone. We've talked about it and he does help and tries his best. We don't fight about it but I get soo irritated with him. Like his parenting style is just too lax. He'll give cookies right before bed, doesnt brush teeth, etc. Stuff like that. Maybe i'm too uptight? Idk. He's a devoted husband and dad and I feel badly for thinking he's not doing enough

Not to mention money issues never seem to go away and bills are ALWAYS on his mind. Which I completely understand but it's annoying.

We also talk about having a third baby! Call me crazy lol I would love it but i'm scared it would be too much. I would love to hear from the single mom's and their secrets on how they do it!!