First month using OPKs, opinions?

Okay so i thought I knew exactly what I was doing & I always wondered why people always posted “do you think this is positive???” posts... now I get it.

My lines are always very faint, but on CD 19 I finally got what I thought could be a positive. However, other positives I’ve seen on these forums are definitely darker than mine was. But then it was gone less than 4 hours later? I’ve read that the LH levels can fluctuate a lot throughout the cycle before a true positive. Glow counted it as a “nearly there” but obviously i know that’s just a guide. So I guess, do you guys think this was my positive surge or should i keep testing? (There are two on CD 19 at the same time because I couldn’t believe I got a line that dark so I dipped another stick haha)

I didn’t use opk’s last month but I input my period dates & glow guessed I ovulated on CD 26. I’m just not sure whether to still have hope to conceive this month