MIL issues

I know that there are so many women who have had issues with their mother in laws but I was wondering if anyone has had a similar situation to mine and if you have any advice. A little background: my mil and I are very different people, different interests/beliefs etc and I’ve never felt like I’ve been accepted into their family. When my husband and I first started dating I had to go to the ER for stomach pains and when he told his mom about it her first response was ‘she’s not pregnant is she?’ And when he said no she said ‘ok, you know I always think of THE WORST CASE SCENARIO FIRST’(!!!!) how can a baby be worst case scenario? That has never set well with me. We’ve also had some issues of me feeling like she likes to control everything and thinks she has the right to know everything that goes on in our lives (finances, trips, places we live etc) My husband and I have gone to counseling about these things and he always tells me that things will get better and that he will respect my boundaries with her but then as soon as she texts or calls him everything we’ve agreed on goes right out the window. I started to get the gut feeling there was more going on and unfortunately I looked through his text messages (I’m definitely not proud) but I found out that he would lie to me about going out to do church things when really he would go to dinner with his family. He has also told them my business that I have specifically asked him to not tell them but I don’t find out until later on. They have gone behind my back and talked about me and he tells her not to tell me that they’ve talked. I guess I’m just feeling so betrayed by him bc I feel like he throws me under the bus to spare his moms feelings but if I ever have a legitimate issue with something she has done he will defend her to the end. I guess I’m wondering if being lied to constantly is something that people can forgive? I’m struggling so much bc I’m 10 weeks pregnant and I have just lost all trust in him. I have told him that I don’t trust his mom and if she were to see our child I would need to be there but I’m worried that he will take our kid over there without telling me and I’ll never know about it. So, I’m not sure if it’s worth it to try to make it work or if it’s something that can’t be fixed. 😔😔😔