CD24 13dpo, positive OPK


Little back story. I O'd the 1st, confirmed by OPK and watery discharge. 2 days away from AF, no symptoms and usually by now I'm slightly cramping, tender boobs and super crabby. And it feels like I'm no where close to her coming. Took an ovulation test today at 1:30 and it was positive. Not like peak positive but the test line was just as dark as the control line. I've had a major increase in thickish white discharge (which never happens before AF) and had some odd muscle spasms and pinches which I feel at the bottom of my belly/uterus area. Some lower back pressure as well. I plan on taking another OPK tomorrow at around 1:30 just to see what it says but really hoping this is it. Any insight? All comments are welcome. Trying not to symptom spot or get my hopes up.