Confusing relationship

I’ve been dating this guy for about 9 months and because of certain things our relationship is lowkey. 🙄Over time I have fought bc it’s annoying that no one really knows we’re dating. 🤭I’ve met his parents and he’s met my mom. He says I’m important to him and that he doesn’t let just anyone meet his family. 🤷‍♀️I know there’s a reason why people can’t know yet so I try to get past it. I mean it’s OUR relationship right ? Not everyone needs to know.😕Recently however because of work and school he’s been to busy for me sometimes we barely have time to even exchange texts😣. Sometimes I only see him once a week and one time I didn’t see him for 2 whole weeks. ☹️Ik long distant relationship people are like ... girl please😒. But it’s just sad that you can’t see the person you love every day you know? And now this guy at work doesn’t know I’m dating anyone and he brings me coffee and he stays up late texting me. The point is he gives me attention.🙃 And now I feel bad bc it feels like I’m cheating ? 🤯Maybe it’s the intentions in my head ? 🤨Even though nothing serious has happened yet. Anyways I just wanted to see your guys opinion and let some of this out.

•idk if this is important but I’m 19