Asking for little things in a relationship

Is it a red flag when your partner refuses to do tiny things you ask out of them, every single time? Like this morning I woke up extremely tired and he was awake having been watching tv, we work opposite schedules, and I asked him if he could make me coffee. He told me no and that I’m too needy. There’s been plenty of times I have made coffee for him when he’s asked me. I mean of course I can get my own coffee and I am a very independent person anyway because since we do work opposite schedules I’m always doing things for myself without him but sometimes it’s nice to have your partner help you out here and there, especially because I never ask anything out of him.

But this is just one example, there have been other rare occasions where I ask him to do something small for me, like one time I couldnt reach something in the kitchen and he wouldn’t get it for me when I asked.

He always calls me selfish or a spoiled brat and makes me feel bad about these things. When I do ask for things, I don’t demand it or have an attitude, I just ask nicely. And now I’m needy?