All in one bag


I had a moment this morning as I was packing for work, for the day.

My MIL gifted me this monstrous Vera Bradley bag a few years back, super cute but wasn't really my thing. I had used it on occasion for overnight stays, but it mostly stayed in my closet. UNTIL I had a baby and needed to lug the God damn house around!!! THIS BAG HAS SAVED MY LIFE, IT HAS SO MANY POCKETS AND ITS SUPER STURDY!!

My list of thing I pack daily:


Extra Pump parts

A small cooler containing jars and ice packs for milk collection

Extra clothes including boob pads and bra just in case of an emergency at work


Diapers/ Wipes

Extra clothes for bambino

phone/ keys/ wallet/ checkbook


You would never know that I have all this in my bag and there is definitely still room for more. I highly recommend this bag to any mother carrying everything, including the kitchen sink, with them.