Menstral Cup After Baby - tips???


I started using a menstral cup a few months before I was pregnant and finally figured out how to get it not to leak. I loved the menstral cup!

Now I’m recently post-partum as my baby is 4 months old. I’m already on my third period and excited to stop using pads and want to go back to the menstral cup. I have sized up to the one recommended for post-childbirth as I tried my old one and it felt like it was falling out. The larger size does not feel like it is falling out, but it doesn’t insert as easily as it used to, and I’m having more difficulty with the cup opening fully/ not leaking. I do have a grade 1 bladder and rectal prolapse that I’m working with pelvic physio for.

For anyone who has used a menstral cup post-baby:

- Does your vagina/ cup experience continue to evolve? I’m only 4 months post partum, could this continue to change with time? Or with physio?

- Is this likely my “new normal” and just part of what comes along with motherhood?

- Did you experience this? Any tips for a better cup experience?

FYI - I’m using the Diva Cup as it is the only one approved by Health Canada (I live in Canada), but I can order other cups online if you have recommendations, they just aren’t available in stores.