Keep your shit together

Alyse’ • Planning world domination 🧠 mommy of 2 💙💜

So my husband leaves his shit everywhere he sees fit. He would leave something somewhere for weeks at a time and then always ask me where something else when he can’t find it. Example: he left a check on the table along with other junk like his bullets and stuff in his bag he takes to the gun range on the table as well. I was having company over for girls night that day so I cleaned up after weeks of it sitting on the table especially since I got younger children and I didn’t want them to get an hold to it. He called me angry today cause he couldn’t find it and mad and said you always moving my things and I can’t never find them. I said if you clean up after yourself and keep up with your things instead of being irresponsible and leaving it all over the place you wouldn’t have this problem like I shouldn’t have to clean after you and you leaving hazardous things out especially if I ask you over and over again to clean after yourself