Testing too early.


Ladies, I see so many of us can’t help but to test way too early only to be disappointed with a negative test, but we’re just setting ourselves up for failure when we all start testing after only a week.

As a reminder - implantation happens anywhere from 6-12dpo, which is why if you ask any doctor, they will tell you to wait two weeks, or wait until after your period is due, to take a test to get an accurate result. It takes about 2-4 days after implantation occurs for the hcg levels to increase enough to be detected.

So yes, while it’s technically possible to get a positive at 9dpo, and some lucky women have, this is not common. The average woman doesn’t experience implantation until 9-10dpo, which means even if they use an early response test, they’re not going to show positive until 13-14dpo, or when their period is about due.

Every day it seems like the forum gets flooded with “do you see anything? 8dpo!” pictures of negative tests. I get it, I’ve done it, I’ve been disappointed, too. But like I said, we’re all just setting ourselves up for failure.

That TWW is hard as hell! 😭 We all know it, and it’s so hard not to test when we spend extra cash on those fancy “test up to 6 days early” tests that even say they’re not accurate until your period is due. But if we all just do our best to wait it out as long as possible, we won’t have to squint and hold the test up to the light to see if anything faint is there. It will be obvious if it’s negative or positive, and we can either get ready for AF or rejoice and jump in excitement!

So let’s do our best, let’s enjoy ourselves and try to take TTC off the brain for that TWW and try to focus on other parts of our lives that make us happy to distract us from that really difficult urge of testing too early! ❤️🥰