What to do? Update

So my baby daddy hit me up after a year he left me pregnant for another woman. He said he panicked and left on a whim. He said I deserve better and that I’m a good woman. He said his relationship isn’t what it seems even though they’re all lovey and shit on Facebook. I asked him if his woman is ok with him contacting me and he didn’t really answer and gave me an attitude. This man hasn’t done anything for his 6 month old son. He hasn’t even seen him. His kept sending me hearts and what not. Part of me wants to tell his woman he’s trying to be sweet to me while he’s still with her. Or should I just leave it and let her find out on her own? I’m not playing into him being sweet and I think he was just trying to see how I would react because I haven’t heard from him in a week.


So I sent the screenshots. I believe she blocked me or deleted her fb profile and my baby daddy blocked me on Instagram but not Facebook lol I did what I felt was right by letter her know and it’s up to him if he wants to be part of his son’s life. So I’m leaving it at that.