36wk check up

Amy • 💕A.A.S 24-9-13 💕S.M.S 24-2-15 🌈 little man due 12-2-19💙

Well I had my 36wk check up today and I think I spent the most of it crying 🤦🏼‍♀️ bubs is perfect and growing well but I’m emotionally drained. I’m worried I will be stuck laboring on my own with our 3 and 5yr old as my mil has to go away for a few wks 6hrs away and it’s already a 2hr drive to the hospital. I labour really quickly as well so I worry about a car birth. My husband works in a mine so can’t always get in contact with him. We moved interstate last year so I have no other form of support around me. It stresses me out daily thinking about it. I don’t get much sleep between back pain, reflux and having to pee every 10mins so I feel so tired and overwhelmed.

I think I just need to vent as everyone just doesn’t seem to see where I’m coming from 😭