Please read when you have time!!

Ok, i'm about to give yall some tea about me because i feel like people gotta know what happened to me so yall can be careful and not get fooled by guys who seem to be lovey dovey in the beginning of a relationship. Make sure yall know this person well before making things official official. Soooooo this boutta be some long ass story so please read it when yall got time cause…….. Ok let me start. First of all i'm hispanic and im 18, i'm a college student. I graduated on may 25th and that's the day that everything started. This guy who is muslim, parents from pakistan but he was born here begged me to invite him to my graduation. Y'all know how big latino families are so i wasn't sure if i was going to have enough tickets to invite him, i have only known him for 2 months so i didn't want to invite this guy cause he wasn't anything special to me, only a friend i suppose. Anyways he kept on telling me to invite him so i decided to get an extra invitation cause ehhh, he arrived with two bouquets of roses and a huge cake. I was all like “dayum he was serious serious about this graduation” he met my family and they were amazed of how he presented himself cause that first impression got them. Sooo we celebrated and talked and it felt nice. He told me he wanted to talk to my dad so i was like sure whatever…. Turns out he asked if he allowed me and him to date. Okkkk so i was in shock. My dad was like “if she wants to be your girlfriend then sure” i was lost at that point but i decided to say yes because he seemed like a nice guy and was very respectful and i always said no to every guy who tried to be with me but he actually seemed serious about for a relationship and that's what i was looking for. At the beginning we were happy, he was sooo caring and showed so much love but i felt like everything was going tooo fast. I was accepted at a university but because i had to commute i decided to stay at the community college which is were he decided to go from the beginning. He worked as a barista and was constantly working, i amazed him for that because he was a responsible guy. Butttt he dropped out of college and quit his job because he wanted to work with my dad to get some money and then go back to school afterwards- “big red flag that i let go by”- I started noticing that he barely talked about his family so i questioned him if they knew about me, i doubted it a lot and thats when we started having several arguments, we started to lose trust with each other. I asked why he hasn't presented me to his parents and he told me that they were always busy but when they have a chance then he will take me. The times that he said he was going to take me there was always an excuse for me not to go which is when i started thinking that they weren't going to accept me due to me not being a muslim. We had even more fights and throughout those fights i have broken up with him for a total of five times. One of the reasons i broke up with him was because i found a facetime call on his phone with a paki girl for 18 minutes, i was fed up because he never facetimed me. He called her in front of me and told her what happened and got her to say that she was only a friend wanting to check up with his family since her family knew each other very well. I have to admit, i got an attitude and i am a very difficult person to deal with. My mom would always say that he is the only person that will deal with me so i had to be with him. Each time i broke up with him he would come to my house the next day and make a scene by crying and pleading to take him back, he even started threatening to commit suicide if i were to leave him. I wanted to call the cops because i couldn't deal with him anymore but my parents always talked me out of it, they felt pity for him and i did as well. So i would take him back. On the 4th month of us dating he took me to meet his family. They were so nice and i was confused why he hasn't taken me before because they were like “what took so long to get to know you”. I felt more comfortable being with him because i finally met his parents. two weeks after that he came knocking on my door saying that his parents kicked him out because he was grown and needed to live on his own. I didn't believe him but my parents loved him soo much that they let him stay in the basement. ---we haven't had sex due to my religion which is prohibited to have sex before marriage--. He agreed with it and said his religion was like that as well. Anywaysss back to where i was…. His father texted me saying that he didn't know what was wrong with his son because he just left without saying a word and if i knew where he was, i told him that he was at my place because they kicked him out. His father denied the whole thing. I was sooo confused. I talked to him and he said that he left because his parents didn't want him to spend time with me because he was always at my place and barley at his house. He spent a week at my house and went back to his parents. Ok so we were dating for 6 months already and he proposed. Yup, i know. Way too fast right. He proposed on thanksgiving, i wanted to say no but allll my family was their so i didn't want to embarrass him. I said yes and talked to him after about it saying that he was rushing things. He said that it didn't mean that we were going to get married soon that he wanted us to be engaged to show me that he was serious about the whole thing. I agreed. A week later i had a gut feeling, i opened my eyes and started thinking that this isn't what i want, that i didn't love this guy truly for me to be engaged with him. I talked to him the next day and gave the ring back. He wanted to make a scene but i told him to not do it again or else im calling the cops and i wasn't playing. He left and two days later he texted my mom saying that i wasn't a virgin anymore and that me and him had sex already--- a whole fucking lie---- my mom believed him despite me crying and telling her it wasnt true. They made me marry him the following week…… he made an appointment at the courthouse and invited 30 people which were my family, to a restaurant for the celebration. I had the dress, everything was ready…. The day came and when we got there i said i couldn't do it. He was sooo upset but i told him that i wasn't ready. Everyone was so upset and mad at me because i ruined the perfect day. My parents told me how i could be so cruel to lead a guy on and on the wedding day i said no. i told them that i didn't want to be with him from long time ago but they never listened and always listened to him. Despite that shit happening they made me be with him…… he moved in our house and i started living with him…. We got married two weeks after that which was on december 31st. I was upset but i decided to give him a chance because he had tried so much to be with me. The next day which was supposed to be our honeymoon, he went to see his mom because it was her birthday. He didn't take me. He left me alone and spent the whole day over there. I called him and didn't answer, he texted me an hour later saying that im going to do everything he said because i was his wife already he told me that i needed to change the way i dress because i was showing to much. He told me that he was going to spend some nights with his family and some with me. Soo alternating between me and his family because he couldn't be without them and that they didnt like me which is the reason he didnt take me. I was like… tf i look like. I packed all his shit and left it outside and told him i wanted the divorce. He was soo mad. He left and started blowing up my phone calling me a hoe and a bitch and that he hopes me and my brothers get out heart broken so bad that we never recover. He started saying that if i talk like a hoe, dress like a hoe, and act like a hoe, then it makes me a hoe . Lls i didn't say anything because i knew he was mad that i left him. Later he said that he was going to file the divorce and that he was going to come back so i called the cops and showed them the messages, i got a case number so i can get a protective order, i decided not to get that since i don't have enough proof of him being abusive so it's hard to get that order. To this day he hasn't filed for the divorce so i guess im going to do it. Sooo ladiessss please be careful who you guys settle with, make sure yall speak up!!!!! Dont let people make decisions for you. Do what yall want. Now im here stressing and breaking out.