What if I needed more time.

Gina_Mum of 3 Babies Dan`s Wifey.

I'm debating mums here, in my own head. My husband has a full time job, plus he runs a business on the weekends so financially we are ok. I want more time with my son who is 4 months old, I have only 8 months until I decide to go back to work or not, but I wondered what if I could just be a mum the rest of his life? Would he be proud that I stay home to cook, clean and take care of him and his Dad? Would my husband think I'm being selfish? What if that's it for me? What if that's my calling now and that 12 years work is enough for my lifetime... I was only an on call casual doing admin on the wards. And now that my son may be hip dysplaysed possibly it reinforces my decision...will this be the right thing to do? I've spoken to my cus wife about it, she thinks Connor needs me more..