NEED HELP! Big decision at work!


Hi pregnant ladies 😊, I need some advice and guidance. I’ve been in talks with my boss recently about what I am going to do after maternity.

Today he has asked me about how I am feeling right now.

Basically I am a recruitment consultant which means I supply schools with supply teachers. I currently work 50 hrs a week(7-5) and spend one day out of the office driving to Cumbria which is around a 190 mile round trip.

My boss had asked if I am still wanted to reach my target before going on maternity or do I want to just service my desk and it will close when I leave and I’ll return in another position. What this means is I will be office based the whole time and won’t be traveling!

I don’t want my boss to think I am taking the easy route because it’s not what I want to do but as I am pregnant I don’t feel I am emotionally and physically going to be able to give my currently job role 100% and meet the requirements needed to reach my target.

My pay rise will not effect my maternity pay much and this alongside other incentives arwwhat they are offering to keep me doing my current role.

I really do not know what to do. Do I keep working as I am now and trying to travel as much as possible or do I take on a lighter role as. Become solely office based for the next 3 months

Any advice would be handy 🥰🥰🥰🥰