Trying to stay hopeful ❤️

Cece • FTM to our beautiful Ginny 💖

So last month I got a vfl on a pregnancy test on Christmas Day. My breasts were incredibly sore which is unusual for me, so that prompted me to test. AF was a day late so I decided to take another which was obviously negative. AF came a couple hours later. That day, my breasts stopped hurting and I’m assuming it was a CP but I’m not sure 🤷🏼‍♀️

Well this month I continued using OPKs so we could try again. I’m currently 7/8dpo and my breasts are very sore again. I’m hoping this is a good sign, but I’m trying not to symptom spot. So wish me luck ladies! If you have any insight or had something similar happen please share your stories with me!! And baby dust to all! ✨✨✨