The Hanger is real


Trying to add carbs back into my diet without going crazy with them again. 😬

Ok ladies, so back in November I was seriously addicted to sugar so I cut it almost totally out of my diet. 😫Now that I’m working out more and getting ready for some events I’m seriously so hungry all the time! 😡I was an athlete all through high school and am trying to get back to where I was but I feel like I was in great shape then just because I was it is a little more work. 😜Because I’m trying to stay away from sugar I haven’t been eating very many carbs and am trying to find ways to start adding those back in so I can build more muscle without gaining fat again. ☹️My goal is to get back to 17% body fat along with my goals for lifting weights and distance running.

What are healthier ways to add carbs back into my diet because I seriously can’t stay not hungry longer than five minutes 😂

Picture is before Christmas to now.