TMI Bartholin cyst?


So I just had knee surgery and have been on pain medicine and not noticing a whole lot. I’m usually really wet like all the time for no reason. But I went pee and went to wipe and felt pain so Ofcoarse I took a mirror and flash light and was looking down there and I noticed a bump on my labia minora (I think that’s what it’s called) it was sore and I’ve had cyst like in between my outtest lip and thigh and just popped it. Cyst run in my family with the girls. So I just popped it and blood squirted everywhere and there was a lot on my hands. I used a wipe and cleaned it after I pushed it all out. It doesn’t hurt now, do you guys think I need to see a doctor? Sorry for the hair I haven’t shaved due to having a serious knee surgery. The picture is from before and the blood is obviously from after. Also it’s worth noting I have had sex before around two years ago and haven’t done anything since but I have been tested multiple times and I’m positive I do not have a STD.