Breaking up after 5 years.

Tonight I found out he has been talking to someone else. I dont know if it's just texting and phone calls or more. Even if it was texting, I am done. I have to be. I'm not ready to end us and it's not fucking fair. We only had this issue once before in our high school days. And I never want to feeling like that again. I dont even know what to say or even know how confro t him. I know he won't be apologetic and I know he won't fight for us to work things out. That will just piss me off more. I hate how fucking weak I feel and but I know I have to do it. But I will be losing my bestfriend.. he has no idea I know. Its 3.30 in the morning and I have work in a couple hours. Im a wreck. Im not ready to be heartbroken. I know time heals everything. But fuck