Should we give it another try??

I’ve been with my husband for a very long time. Since we were in high school... I was never the faithful type when we were younger I formed relationships with several men during the time that we dated. I was very wrong and I know that now. Years passed and we had a child and then another. He then asked me to marry him. I said yes although I had so many reservations. Marriage was never really in the cards for me in my head. But it was a moment of shit or get off the pot I guess. Then we had a 3rd child. By this point we’re dealing with the stresses of life mortgage, kids, pets etc.. he really started neglecting me and our relationship. After we got married I stopped cheating for a long time... but after being rejected by him so many times I started to look for something new... to kind of fill the needs that he wasn’t. By this time the stress of work was making him drink more and more. I started to really dislike him and our life together... i fucked up and started seeing a coworker on a regular basis and developed legitimate feelings for him.. I fell in love. I still loved my husband and still wanted to raise our children together. Shit was real crazy for a while. He found out. And then continued to torment me and verbally and occasionally physically abuse me, for almost 2 1/2 years I put up with it because I felt I deserved it. One night after he drunkenly came at me and said some real nasty shit to our daughter I left him. Now it’s been over six months and he wants to try and work things out. Part of me wants to try for the kids. But another doesn’t... I don’t know what to do. Any insight???