Temp continues to rise- help!

Ebony • Mom of an 11 year old 👦🏾 Ttc #2

Does anyone want to give me some input? I had a chemical last month and this chart is very different from my others. Normally I have a slow rise then sustain roughly the same temp above 98 until af. This month it looks like my temps are continuing to rise slowly every day. They’re actually higher than they’ve ever been. I know a temp over 98 is a good sign I have healthy progesterone levels but never seen an increase continue like this before.

Also, I’m not sick. I slept in a onesie 2 nights ago and thought that was why but my husband turned down the heat and I slept in my regular stuff (tank top and sweats) last night and my temp still increased lol I’m so confused.

I want to test but I didn’t get my positive until 2 days after my af was due last month so I hate to waste tests.

Thanks for helping!