2 weeks late and bfn?


Hi ladies, I’ve been wondering if anyone else has been 2 weeks late with bfns and could offer some insight. I usually have a 31-32 day cycle. I don’t temp but in recent months I’ve begun to lightly spot on the day of my predicted ovulation (usually accompanied by light cramps). DH and I did the deed on the 18th and 19th of December, I had light spotting/cramping on and off on the 20th and then Glow predicted I would O on the 21st. AF was supposed to come on January 4th (she did not)- so I tested and got a bfn. Then, 4 days later on the 8th (Slight cramping but not painful) I tested again and got what looked like a VERY faint possibly pink line. Excitedly, I tested each day after and received bfns. Fast forward to today, I am 14 days late, no sign of AF, last test I took was about two days ago and it was still bfn. My questions are 1. Could that vvfl I saw on the 8th been a chemical pregnancy? 2. If it WAS a chemical pregnancy, wouldn’t I have started bleeding by now? Or at least had some cramping? 3. Could I actually be pregnant? The last few days I’ve wanted to eat everything in sight and my bbs have started to get a little tender. I just have no idea at this point!